jueves, 26 de enero de 2012

Las 5 "C" para ayudar a conseguir mejores resultados en Gestión Pública
The Public Strategies Group PSG ( David Osborne,  Peter Plastrik, ...)
The 5 Cs
PSG uses a systematic approach to help public-sector organizations produce better results. Our services are organized around five basic strategies for transforming public systems - what we like to call the "Five C's.
Core Strategy: Create a clarity of organizational purpose through strategic focusing and development of measurable outcome goals.
Consequences Strategy:Create consequences for performance through enterprise management, managed competition, and performance management.
Customer Strategy: Make the organization accountable to its customers by creating systems for customers to exercise choice, developing customer assurance mechanisms, and "mapping" stakeholders and their interests.
Control Strategy: Decentralize control to distribute decisionmaking throughout the system by redesigning administrative systems (finance, procurement, personnel, etc.) and by empowering employees.
Culture Strategy: Change employees' habits, hearts, and minds by improving internal communication, overcoming the fear of change, and building a culture of trust and cooperation

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